Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Nolte at Living Kitchen - IMM Cologne 2019

The international furniture and interiors fair - IMM Cologne is held every year in Germany. This year the biennial event LivingKitchen, which is an international kitchen show and part of the IMM Cologne, sets the stage for all dimensions of the new kitchen world – from kitchen furnishings and built-in appliance to sinks, fittings, worktops, lighting and accessories.

LivingKitchen sets impulses of the holistic kitchen concepts and shows the latest trends. The rich and diverse blend of concepts and product innovations showcased at the event will transform tomorrow's kitchens into a tangible experience.

Trends to watch 

When it comes to colour trends, black is the new white in the kitchen.

Curated food was one of the themes that was explored at the LivingKitchen. The events "Future Technology", "Future Design" and "Future Foodstyles" showcased how our smart technologies simplify stocking or food planning or design cooking to be more mobile and more like an event.
One of the highlights in Future Design was how the kitchen will look in the future – made visible for the visitor via augmented reality.

Veggies are not the only thing that's green - kitchen furniture is getting more eco-friendly and sustainable as well. Not having a garden? Homegrown vegetables are a thing now. Indoor farming makes it possible. Thanks to agrilution, they showcased their plan cube. The compact device will allow the technology of the vertical farm, for home. From Salads to herbs to so-called Micro Greens (e.g. Carrots, broccoli, radishes) are all freshly grown all year round. Modern LED Technology, sensors, automatic irrigation and climate make it possible. By App, the device will report when it can be harvested.

Nolte at Living Kitchen

Every Biennial, Nolte participates in the event showcasing the quality and latest designs.

Smooth surfaces, trendy colours and sleek technology are the key ingredients in a Nolte kitchen.

For Nolte, all good things come in threes: Good intelligent planning, stylish design in materials and smart storage space solutions which are the basic ingredients of a contemporary kitchen.

When functionality meets comfort: Warm accessories with a golden glow and a fusion of kitchen and living room provide for a stylish but also a so cosy atmosphere.

Light is a powerful interior design element and can completely change the atmosphere of a room – and indirect lighting can provide for that special warm glow even in modern and stylish kitchens.

No need to hide: beautiful tableware or accessories deserve a place in the limelight. Open shelves showcase the most treasured pieces in a sophisticated way.

Would you rather live in the kitchen – or cook in the living room? Thanks to Nolte’s modern interior concept, now you can have the best of both worlds.

Watch the video for some highlights:

Friday, 28 December 2018

The Kitchen Of The Future

2018 has been a great year for Nolte. We started off with the Social Kitchen party which took place at the flagship store in Koramangala, Bangalore. We partnered with Celebrity Chef Manu Chandra and thereafter launched new stores in Coimbatore, Jaipur, Mumbai, Mysore, Kolkata, along with The Social Kitchen as the integral part of the events. Today, we are present in 22 cities.

Why The Social Kitchen?
The core idea is that kitchens are no longer the same. They are no longer a place where the meals are prepared within the four walls, they are much more. Today, the Kitchen is the heart of the home. It's a place transformed into a social hub that brings everyone together. Nolte modular kitchens come with different layouts- kitchen islands, open kitchens and kitchens of different shapes that are spacious, allow maximum interaction, and versatility. The kitchens are designed for a cooking experience that's fuss-free, enjoyable and efficient.

Today's kitchen is the other living room, the other place to party. It's the place where the family gathers, where children play, and where friends are entertained. Where thoughts are shared and memories made. It's the multi-faceted heart of the beautiful home, designed to make everyday cooking, and life, real pleasures. Welcome to the Social Kitchen.

The biggest social kitchen ever

Great kitchen design comes not only from great products but from the details. Loaded with innovative features and varied solutions for smart storage, Nolte kitchens can be anything. The life of the party. The centre of activity, art, storytelling and culture. A personal retreat, a space of peace and calm. And of course, it's also the best place to become a master chef.

The dining room is missing
The dining rooms have disappeared, there’s the dining area within the kitchen, usually large enough to hold a table that comfortably seats 6 or more. Besides, the larger kitchens have a sitting area, so that in effect, the whole family can hang out together while cooking, working or relaxing. Many new homes embracing the more casual lifestyle are being built without a dining room or formal living area. For those who enjoy entertaining and do so often, even the homes with formal dining and living areas find that the crowd usually gathers in the kitchen.

The kitchen is ever evolving  
Kitchen functionality and design is ever evolving based on today’s busy and varied lifestyle, with much thought given to where we are headed in the future. Kitchen appliances, from refrigerators to dishwashers and ovens are constantly changing as well. The appliances work with the aid of an app or remote control. Also, there's so much more storage space than one can ever have. With open kitchen and islands, multiple people can cook and move to and fro easily. The kitchen has conquered the living room and has made itself the heart of the home.

The kitchen of the future
Perhaps, say five or ten years down the lane, we'll be having kitchens that for instance order milk when you're running low, tell you which ingredient is getting over and that you need to refill, washes dishes as soon as you keep them in the sink, mobile islands, kitchens that clean after themselves and so on. While the future keeps us puzzled and gives us new hopes, the present is still grounded and it's good to go with the flow.

Today, the kitchen is a place where we probably live more, and more intensively, than anywhere else in the home. It is the place where we meet, where we encounter others. As family and friends. As a couple. We cook, eat and enjoy ourselves. It's a place where we argue. And makeup again. We read, write, send emails, post messages. And maybe philosophise a little. And quite secretly- the kitchen sets the rhythm of our day. Good morning. Then midday. Then evening. And sometimes night...Which is why we love the kitchen. Nolte - The Social Kitchen

Friday, 30 November 2018

5 Statement Making Chest Of Drawers

Not many give attention to a bed cabinet or a chest of drawers. They are either found in one corner or where one simply can't notice them. Cabinets are not just an add-ons today, they are a part and parcel of the bedroom. They hold the bedroom together and of course, make a statement.

Here are 5 cabinets that add value to your bedroom space and also the ones you'll love:

1. Attraction Lumina's atmospheric LED lighting creates a fascinating ambience - stylishly setting the scene in your bedroom or dining space. The lighting system can be switched on and off by a remote control and can be adjusted to dim. And as always when you choose a Nolte, you choose lots of storage space.

2. Alegro is a cabinet-cum-shelf piece that stands out effortlessly. The body and front are in Imitation Sibiu larch with a Frosted aluminium handle. An abode for your bedtime reading.

3. Concept Me is all about more space for your finest undergarments or accessories. An end to stuffing, fraying and creasing – thanks to intelligent and structured organizers. Soft Close – the quiet and gentle closing mechanism. And when the drawers close so softly and quietly, we are sure everything will click into place for you too. The front of the cabinet is in Glass Silk grey finish and the body in Silk grey finish.

4. Livia bed cabinet or chest of drawers comes in a wide range of configurations. Along with bookshelf, handle or handle-less or height and size options. The body is in Platinum Oak Replica and the front is on Polar white.

5. Ipanema chests of drawers come with a world of choices when it comes to colours, finishes and fronts to match your decor. There’s always room for more storage, more space, more style. Showcased here, the body and front are in Imitation Icona beech.

The range of Nolte cabinets is matchless. You will find one that matches your decor, necessities like chests of drawers, consoles, TV units and ensures there’s always room for more. Explore more:

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Top 10 Iconic Chicken Dishes From The Indian Kitchen

On World Chicken Day, we list out some of the most iconic chicken dishes from the Indian kitchen. One cannot ignore their status given their popularity across the world.

1. Chicken Tikka Masala: Tikka means pieces, chunks or bits. Prepared by grilling the pre-marinated pieces of chicken and adding it to a gravy made out of spices, onion, tomato, cream, and coriander. Today it has been dubbed as the most popular Indian dish in the world.

2. Chicken Kebab: originated in the Middle East and influence of the Mughlai cuisine in India, there are many versions of the kebab. The chicken kebab is cooked on a skewer over a fire. Accompanied with onion rings and green chutney, Kebabs can be paired with almost anything, even with a beer.

3. Butter Chicken: Originated in Delhi, straight from a Punjabi kitchen, butter chicken is marinated overnight, roasted and cooked in tomato puree, cream and masalas. One can hardly resist the buttery smokey gravy. Served with naan, chapattis, or steamed rice.

4. Chicken Biryani: Legend has it that Mumtaz Mahal felt that the soldiers were under-nourished so she asked her chef to prepare a special dish, which provided balanced nutrition and that is how biryani was discovered. Today, a popular cuisine in the whole of India. 

5. Chicken Chettinad: A famous dish from Tamil Nadu. Prepared by tossing the chicken with southern spices and coconutty paste.

6. Chicken 65: Originally a dish introduced in 1965 by A.M Buhari of the Buhari Hotel chain. The dish happened to be the 65th serial number on their menu and hence the name.  This dish is popular in Hyderabad.

7. Chicken Vindaloo: The “Vindaloo” style of cooking is of a Goan origin, influenced by the Portugal cuisine. This spicy hot delicious dish is made with titillating flavours of mustard with turmeric, ginger, garlic, coconut vinegar and brown sugar. Served with roti, paratha or naan. The cuisines of Goa is one of the major attraction for the food lovers in India.

8. Chilli Chicken: When the Chinese came to India, they left us with Hakka noodles and chilli chicken. Considered as an invention of the early settlers in India, it is one dish that completes our Chinese food cravings.

9. Chicken Ghee Roast: A dish from the Mangalorean kitchen, this is a fiery red and spicy dish. The ghee-roasted spices make all the difference to this homely south Indian recipe. Have you tried it?

10. Chicken Tandoori: Looks like kebab but is not, and originated in Peshawar. Prepared by marinating the chicken in yoghurt, lemon juice, spices and cooked in a tandoor at a high temperature. Goes well with a glass of chilled beer and cocktail too!

That's the end of the list. Now don't chicken out and try them all. 

Friday, 28 September 2018

A Foretaste of Nolte's In-House Fair 2018

Every year, Nolte gives its customers and retailers an opportunity to espy the latest collection of kitchens. This year too, the annual In-House Fair 2018 which took place in Lohne, Germany from 15th to 21st September also had to offer the new collection and a class of elegance. The theme of the fair was "My life. My Style. My kitchen." People from 64 different countries came together for the fair to witness the kitchens with personality.

Individuality and uniqueness are expressed in the way we furnish our homes. We want to adorn our homes with natural materials and colours, which give us a feeling of timelessness. Some like it stylishly elegant, while others prefer the expressively emotional side. Therefore, this year, Nolte has selected Oak, a new natural material which is able to represent both, giving the kitchen an individual character. For instance: TAVOLA with an Oak Pinot veneer shown in a MatrixArt handle-less design. Oak can be combined with white for contrast. But there is freedom to vary the design from a range of different shades, a choice between cool and warm white. What's trending is the matt door fronts available with a laminate that turns fingerprints invisible, thus further enhancing the overall appearance.

Details make the difference. This is also true when choosing the handles – or deciding to go without them! If the kitchen is handle-less all the focus is on the surfaces.

The latest fronts also are expressively emotional like the Flame Scarfed Oak from the ARTWOOD range provides the frame for FEEL in Sahara. The decor is also used on the island, creating a fluent transition to the dining area with matching shelves and thus enhancing the living room ambience.

Another noteworthy mention at the fair was the VIDA Cotton Papyrus, a new door ranges made from recycled materials – from the fibre board through to the decor paper used – making it a lasting contribution as part of the environmental protection.

Flamed wood is becoming increasingly popular. It lends an original, rough charm to the kitchen and the adjoining areas. Using real wood or an impressively realistic decor as the alternative remains a matter of taste, just like the choice of contrast. The latter can be a natural shade or an accent using a favourite colour, which is likely to be found among the 20 nuances of Nolte’s Matt Lacquer Concept. The kitchen, designed seamlessly with harmonising worktops, panels and living room elements, is guaranteed to be an individual statement.

The fair also had a master chef event, a live band show, vox populi, the latest collection and product innovations.

Team India at Lohne, Germany

Watch the video for the major highlights.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

How Walk-in Wardrobes Make A World Of Difference

Walk-in wardrobes are not like the ones you will see in the film ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, where you enter and probably may not come out (giggle), but definitely once you have them in your bedroom you will feel as though you are in a wonderland. Here are some reason why it makes a big difference to have these beautiful walk-in wardrobes in your bedroom.

A place for everything

Whether it is a suit, gown, tie, sweater, trousers, lingerie or socks, you name it, there’s substantially a lot of place to accommodate your clothing or accessories compared to a standard wardrobe.


With everything organised spick and span, it is quite easy to get ready even for a last moment hang out with friends or for a gig. Thanks to the shelves, dividers, drawers, light fixtures and mirrors, the shortcut to dressing up is right in front of you. All these save your time and also makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Private dressing room

Sometimes your walk-in wardrobe can act like a private dressing room. There’s enough room for you to move about and get dressed in comfort. You could also use the mirror on the front of the wardrobe or add chairs next to mirror to get a dressing table feeling.

Uses space smartly

A walk-in closet has much more space, so you can divide your possessions into groups instead of cramming them all in together. A custom walk-in closet will maximize its available space with the help of storage features like racks, hooks and rails. That way, no space gets wasted. At the same time, your walk-in closet won’t look cluttered, cramped, or disorganized.

Walk-in wardrobes from Nolte

HORIZONT 3000 Custom Walk-ins

An oddly sloped ceiling? A column in the middle of the wall? Horizont offers customisability for
any room. A boutique-style dressing room with storage options beyond the ordinary. Shelving,
drawers, organisers, and numerous fitting elements for ease and convenience. Swivel foot racks, trouser racks, small item drawer arrangers, closed or open pullouts, space-maximising corners, and much more. In two exclusive colour options. Horizont 8000 is a hinged and folding door wardrobe system with several design options, a range of finishes and add-on elements such as TV units. A wardrobe system that offers virtually no limits to the design possibilities. Horizont 8000 is a hinged and folding door wardrobe system with several design options, a range of finishes and add-on elements such as TV units. A wardrobe system that offers virtually no limits to the design possibilities.

Novoplan Compact Walk-ins
Fast, convenient, and efficient - all benefits that arise from an approach of openness. Novoplan allows an unsurpassed level of flexibility - cabinets large and small, drawers, trays, racks - combine them any way you wish. Make the bedroom truly personalised. Comes in 3 colours.

And there’s nothing greater than having a nice, neat, organized built in closet and storage solution for all your sartorial elegance.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Open Kitchen Arguments - Breaking Assumptions

Imagine if kitchens were people, they would say, “Throwback Thursday to 1980s or 1990s, those were the days when we were located inside four walls and had no access to the other rooms. Very few people came to visit us and even if they did food was the only reason they would drop in and move back to the living room. Thanks to the open kitchens, there’s so much fun and freedom now.” Well, we are sure modern open kitchens feel that way and are the happiest.

But let’s just not jump guns, instead have a productive debate and go a little bit in-depth and share what the arguments are.

Based on our research, we have stated some of the major reasons why people choose closed kitchen over an open kitchen. Also, we have provided a counter argument and solutions with insights.

1. In an open kitchen, people come whenever they please and disturb your peace. So cooking in a closed kitchen is great because you won’t have any disturbance or interruption. 

Solution: Imagine having guests over to your place and you can’t help but be in the kitchen and cook. Aren’t you going to be missing all the fun? While everyone else is swapping stories and telling funny anecdotes or jokes, you’re completely left out the entire time. Not only are you missing out on all the fun, you are also left to operate in a potentially cramped area. With an open concept kitchen, you can join in the conversation, get help from friends and family and do a lot of things which you really can’t when you are in a closed off space.

2. In an open kitchen, the smells could spread across the living room, whereas in a closed kitchen the foul smells are confined within the space.

Solution: Another way to look at this is that the closed kitchens are poorly ventilated and receive less natural light simply because they are surrounded by a number of walls. Therefore, having an open kitchen with windows is the best solution and these days, modular kitchens do have electric chimneys and exhaust fans which prevents the infiltration of kitchen smells and smoke and absorbs them effectively.

3. Open kitchen showcases all the mess while a closed one hides them.

Solution: When you decide you want a open kitchen it’s quite clear that you are aware of the fact that open kitchens require more space than a closed one. When there’s plenty of space there will be plenty of place for cabinets and drawers to organise your Chinaware, kitchenware and appliances. If you’re worried that your guests will be terrified when they see the kitchen waste, or things lying out, don’t fret, Nolte kitchens have a garbage bin in the lower cabinet that has both wet and dry section. This will allow you to clean the mess easily. And if you’re worried about the clutter Nolte allows you to customise your kitchens so that if want more cabinets to hide your pots and pans consider it’s done.

4. More walls means more storage.

Solution: Whoever said open kitchen means less storage have a faintest idea of the concept. The idea of an open kitchen design creates the illusion of more space. When areas are divided by walls, they appear to be smaller than they actually are. An open concept kitchen removes the barrier between the cooking area and the entertaining area, allowing one to flow seamlessly into the other. So what if you don’t have a wall, there’s some much more you can store in the wall shelf or island with cabinets. For example, Nolte Legno is an open kitchen with wall-sized cabinet doors that hides all the clutter and gives you more storage space leaving your kitchen uncluttered.

5. Closed kitchens keep sound confined to the kitchen space whereas open kitchens do not. 

Solution: Even if you have a closed kitchen the sounds of chopping, washing, sauteing, frying, cooker whistles, appliances like mixers, dishwashers, the noises will still disturb the conversation or decorum of the house. Some aspects cannot be controlled all the time but only to some extent. For instance, if you have appliances that have a silent features that will solve most of your problems. In addition, Nolte drawers and cabinets come with a soft close features which means there won’t be any slamming noise of the drawers.

The brighter side

Open kitchen means limitless possibilities. You have a bigger space at your disposal with no dividing walls. Homeowners today have started experimenting a lot. They are getting inclined towards the open form of kitchen primarily because it lets them spend more time with their families and guests and makes serving them drinks and snacks easier. They can keep a better eye on their children or guests who are in the other rooms. This layout allows you to interact with your guests while you’re preparing the food. Open kitchen includes kitchen-diners, multi-purpose cooking, eating, living areas and large family kitchens that act as a nerve centre for the entire household. It's a place where everyone can muck in together to prepare a meal, sit down to eat it and clear up afterwards. One can entertain themselves even while cooking by watching movies in between. It's where children can absorb some of the basic skills involved in cooking through sheer proximity to the main focus of activity; where parents can keep an eye on youngsters playing or doing their homework. It's somewhere friends and visitors can drop by and instantly feel welcome; inevitably, in households where there are pets, it's also where you'll find the dog basket or the cat curled up in a patch of sun.
Open kitchens today have become an informal space where one can entertain, cook with family and friends and host informal brunches. It’s more of a Social Kitchen as we call it.

But then, eventually, you’ll just have to figure out what’s best for you, your family, and your lifestyle. There’s no set formula as everyone has different needs and preferences, so list down your likes and dislikes, and work around them. Your choice of kitchen design should also depend on the amount of space you have!